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[가사] CHEEZE (치즈) - Romance

- 이 영상으로 수익창출을 하지 않습니다
background : yuuyuu hakusho
font : Od레트로도트, Od고방유리명조

Romance -2015

빨간 풍선에 가득 담긴
꽃잎에 짙은 향기 품고서
무표정으로 내게 다가와
귓가에 깊이 색을 물들여
그저 웃음 짓네

차가운 기억에 머무는 듯해
나란히 겹쳐지는 따뜻한 기억에도
어두운 곳에 갇혀있는 듯해
두 눈이 멈춰있는 그곳에

Walking through the night 곁에 함께
존재했던 그대 뒷모습이 아직도 내게는
달콤했던 순간인지, 긴 악몽인지
어지럽게 날 뒤흔드는 가위처럼

혼자서는 잠이 들고 깨기가
예전처럼 쉽지가 않아
은근하게 날 조여오는 매 순간에
갈 곳을 잃은 내 기억 속은

Walking through the night 곁에 함께
존재했던 그대 뒷모습이 아직도 내게는
달콤했던 순간인지, 긴 악몽인지
어지럽게 날 뒤흔드는 가위처럼

Walking through the night 곁에 함께
존재했던 그대 뒷모습이 아직도 내게는
달콤했던 순간인지, 긴 악몽인지
어지럽게 날 뒤흔드는 가위처럼
재하의 새벽 Jaeha's midnight : ✨배경과 폰트 정보, 전체 가사는 더보기란에 있습니다✨
이브나 : 그 아이와의 만남이
달콤했던 순간으로 기억될까..
긴 악몽으로 기억될까..
정말 너무 어지럽다
난 그저 내가 주는 사랑의 반만이라도 받기를
바랐을 뿐인데...

끝내 너는 닿을 수 없는 사람이 되겠지..
어느날 내게 갑자기 닿았던 것처럼..
큰사람 : 치즈치즈 녹는다
유티백 : 딱 내얘기네....
강신혜 : 좋아요누르고가요ㅎㅎ치즈좋아요

Spanish Romance classical guitar (Romanza) performed by Marija Agic

'Spanish Romance' is one of the most famous classical guitar works and one of the most popular solo classical guitar pieces from the 19th century. You will find this romantic and nostalgic piece in most collections of music for the classical guitar. “Spanish romance” is also known as Anonymous Romance ("Romance Anónimo"), because the composer is anonymous, although Romance has variously been attributed to some great guitarist like Antonio Rubira, Francisco Tárrega, Fernando Sor, and others.

“Romance” is also known as "Estudio en Mi de Rubira" (Study in E by Rubira), "Romance de España", "Romance de Amor", "Romance of the Guitar", "Romanza" and "Romance d'Amour" among other names.

Romance was the theme song from the René Clément’s 1952 film Jeux Interdits (Forbidden Games). The popularity of the film gave Romance the worldwide fame.
the10171965 : I used to beg my brother play this song every time he came home from summer vacation. I was young teenager now I am 55 and this brought back beautiful memories of childhood brought tears to my cheeks and moved my heart ♥️ you play it such the way he used to.. ♥️
Leo Zhang : On the comment I saw someone has a YouTube channel
Leo Zhang : Hi I love this song
Loc My : ❤️ I Love You
姜璐 : Perfect.

Romance - Yuhki Kuramoto

slides of autumn/fall
BGM: Yuhki Kuramoto's Romance (with strings)
Photos taken from:


hello all (^o^)//

Thank you kindly for all those lovely comments.

@Pandacub96 -
i)erm, the original version is a piano solo ^^ The one featured here is another version (an OST for a K-movie called Bittersweet Life).
ii) As for Music sheet... maybe you could try this site. It has lots of Kuramoto's Sheet Music. I'm not quite sure what kinda format they use for the sheet music d/load but you could try and check it out yourself.

Here's the URL :

Good Luck!

max90x : the dream i had can't come true
widyA : A Bittersweet Life (2005) bring me here
Karliany Contreras : Tremenda cancion, llega hasta el corazon!
마적 : 이병헌
오중협 : 너무나 아름다운 선율에 아침을열어봅니다.




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